Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast
Birds can represent the fluttering, darting thoughts of intuition. This is why little birds helped Cinderella help herself.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cinderella #237 Cindy Goes to Kindergarden

Note: For kids ages 4-6
Two princesses by Kiana, age 5
Once upon a time,there was a girl named Cinderella.She was five years old, and went to Happy Times Preschool. She lived with her dad and stepmom. She had two stepsisters, who were both older than she was. She loved her dad and stepmom very much, but she did not like her big stepsisters. They were always so mean to her! Whenever they all made snacks in the kitchen, they left Cinderella to clean up the mess. When they had a game of hide and seek in the living room, and took all of the cushions off the sofa and turned all of the chairs upside down, they made Cinderella clean it up. And when they all went into the kitchen to make snacks, and used every knife and spoon and bowl they could find to make their super-delicious Carrot Lemonade and Cheese-and-Veggie sandwiches, they left all the dirty dishes for her to wash. That wasn't fair and Cindy knew it. But when she complained to her father, he just said,"Go and talk to your sisters about it."  So Cinderella did, but they just stuck their tongues out at her, called her a kindergarden-baby and ran away. Then Cinderella started to cry because she knew that soon she could not go back to Happy Times Preschool. She was going to have to go to kindergarden, and she was not at all sure that she was going to like it. Why did she have to have a new teacher? She liked old Mrs. Alice just fine. She thought about Mrs. Alice had told the children that soon they would "make new friends, but keep the old" and this made her cry even harder. That's when she heard a voice! It was a message coming from her dad's phone, and this is what it said: Good morning! This is Mrs. Marshmallow, Cinderella's new kindergarden teacher. Please remember that the first day of kindergarden is tomorrow! Cinderella, we are looking forward to meeting you!". Now Cinderella went and woke up her dad. When he had heard the message he said, "Let's go shopping today for new school things for you." When her stepsisters heard that there was going to be a shopping trip, they wanted to come too. "Buy me some cool new clothes!" said the oldest. "And buy me some sparkly earrings!" said the second oldest. But Cinderella's dad said, "No, girls. You already have everything you need. I'm just going to take Cinderella, because the first day of kindergarden is very important, and I want her to be ready." Then Cinderella got in the car with her dad. First they drove to the clothes store, and chose two new pairs of jeans. Cinderella picked out a t-shirt with a picture of a monster, and an orange hoodie with flowers embroidered on it to go with them.  Then her dad took her to the art store and let her choose a pad of paper and something to draw with. She picked a 48-pack of crayons, the kind that has a crayon sharpener on the back. Then they went to the shoe store and got her new shoes. Although they were pink and sparkly, they had rubber soles, and were good to run in. They felt good on her feet, and she could put them on herself. Her dad smiled and said,"Looks like those shoes are a good fit, Cinderella!". That night before bed, Cinderella drew a picture of herself on her first day of kindergarden. She was wearing her beautiful orange hoodie and pink sparkly shoes.  Then she went to bed. That night, she dreamed that she was in kindergarden. She had to go to the bathroom, but she didn't know where it was. She was hungry, but she could not find her lunch. She was lonely, and missed her friends from Happy Times Preschool. Suddenly, she heard a voice! It came from a little boy who was wearing a an orange hoodie with animals and their footprints embroidered all over it. "Hi!" the boy said. "Do you want to play with me?" Then Cinderella heard another voice. It was her stepmom, calling,"Cinderella! Wake up! It's time to go to kindergarden." So Cinderella jumped out of bed, got dressed, ate her breakfast, and got in the car. When they got to her new school, her stepmom held her hand and they went inside. Cinderella could hear Mrs. Marshmallow's voice, saying,"Welcome to kindergarden!". Then she saw a little boy smiling at her. He was wearing an orange hoodie with animals and their footprints embroidered all over it. He smiled at her and said,"Do you want to play with me?" Cinderella said she did, so she told her stepmom goodbye. And Cinderella and the little boy with animal prints played happily together for the whole day. The end. 
Notes: This story is for Sarah, Patrick, Cal, and all the other worried 5 year olds out there who are fretting over the mysteries of kindergarden. Have a great first day of school, everyone!