Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast
Birds can represent the fluttering, darting thoughts of intuition. This is why little birds helped Cinderella help herself.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cinderella #235 More Riddles

A little dog in the garden.

Q: Everyone knows that Prince Jasper found Cinderella because she fit the shoe. But Jasper had a twin brother, Prince Jacob, who is not so famous. At the same ball that Jasper got lucky at, Jacob too met a fine girl. Prince Jacob loved to cook, and the night of the ball, he was trying out a new recipe, when a girl he had never seen before wandered into the kitchen. She tasted the dish he was preparing, and helped him season it in the most delicious manner. Suddenly, the clock struck twelve, and the mysterious maiden ran away. Jacob sent a royal proclamation out the next day, looking for a certain girl. What did the proclamation say?
A: That he was looking for the girl who bit the stew.
Q:  We all know the story of the girl who swept the cinders. She earned a nickname that described her work. Few realize that she had a twin sister, whose job it was to gather the kindling and firewood for the cruel stepmother's hearth. What was her name?
A: Tinderella
Q: What do you get when you cross a girl who sweeps ashes and a banana?
A: Cinderyella
Q: What was the name of the pot-smoking chimney sweep?
A: Cindermella
Q: Why did Cinderella offer to carry the King's Christmas pie across the river?
A: Because she wanted to ferry the royal mince. 
Notes: These riddles were written by me, myself, and I, Rachel Hope Crossman.