Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

California Cookin', a story about fire, family and food.

From Post to Print Publishing comes this anthology of stories "from a cat's view". Mine is CALIFORNIA COOKIN', a what-if story about fire, family and food in a future that might be closer than it seems.


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…18 new stories written by the cats who lived them. Translated by brilliant authors from around the world who understand a cat's unique sensibilities.

You'll never look at a cat the same way again!

Paranormal, fantasy, contemporary and historical fiction—there's something for everyone.

Like volume one, you can expect to be terrified and delighted; to laugh... and to cry. But know: These aren’t grandmother's cat stories.

CALIFORNIA COOKIN' - Mega-fires ravage the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. Ash blankets communities as far away as San Francisco. Now, even the ‘hangers-on’ must let go. The responsibility to lead Gloria thru the devastation to shelter falls to Miss Molly, a 15-pound house cat with a silicon skeleton.

BLACK CATS - Carmine’s beloved servant, Jessica, knew he liked things comfy and cat-centric. She dutifully kept them that way. But his comfy world shuddered the day Jessica brought home the sinister figurine. Did Carmine detect the faintest twitch of its porcelain tail?

SMILE - City cats have it posh. For feral cats in the Outback it’s a differentstory. He is hunted by wild dogs, snakes, hawks, and the indigenous folk. But this Tommo—with his mesmerizing smile—is unlike any predator the feral cat has faced before.

THE OUT WORLD - His master put on the uniform with the shiny buckle and many buttons and left for the out world. When the boy didn't come home, Bear was determined to find him. Quite the challenge for an unsophisticated house cat who's never ventured past the front porch before. 

And many more amazing stories... the purrrfect gift for you and your favorite cat lover.
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